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When a white belt begins to learn BJJ they will start to build up a small repertoire of moves and submission that they feel comfortable to use in a roll. This may be a favourite choke or a useful sweep. Regardless of what the move may be, the inexperienced BJJ practitioner will narrow their focus and try to employ that move in all situations.  While this action is coming from a good place, a place of excitement for a newly learnt technique, it can also lead them down a dangerous path because the right move at the wrong time is the wrong move. For those who train BJJ this phenomenon will not be a new concept. For example, a favourite among new white belts is the Kimura shoulder lock submission. A move that, when used correctly can cause your opponent to submit due to intense pressure applied to the shoulder. It works brilliantly from a myriad of different positions including full guard and side control. If however you become tunnel visioned and try to force the Kimura into every situation things can go bad. If you find yourself in your opponent’s full guard for example, attempting this move will almost surely end with your opponent transitioning to your back, a terrible position to find yourself. From here, you can be easily controlled and often submitted.

From my fiist class a white belt, and now teaching at Eastside Jiu Jitsu the moments that get me most excited about learning and teaching BJJ are times when its messages can be generalised to everyday situations and mindsets. The concept of rights moves at wrong times is one that I find myself using daily. Take the situation when a family member or friend requires advice. I ask myself is the ‘right’ advice right for this time. I have seen all too often how the right advice, given at the wrong time can be the wrong advice. To be successful at BJJ and to flourish in all areas we need to understand that success is about timing and picking your moments. No one philosophy applies to all situations, no single mindset will see you through every task and there isn’t any golden rule that works all the time.  This is true in life and true in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


East Side Jiu Jitsu is an inclusive, family friendly and community focused Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy offering a holistic approach to martial arts and self-defence. As a member of the Carlson Gracie Federation, East Side Jiu-Jitsu is proud to be continuing the legacy of Carlson Gracie in Australia.

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