1.   Ensure physical distancing

Please ensure that gym members only arrive within 5 minutes of their allocated class time.

Ensure that no more than 1person per 8 square metres is in the building at any given time.

Ensure no more than 20 people are in the building at any given time.

Request that all patrons come in their relevant attire, rather than congregating in the change rooms, and leave in said attire for the same reason.

No spectators allowed for adult training.

Strictly one adult per child as spectator for children’s classes, and only if deemed absolutely necessary.


2.   Wear a face covering

Please request that all patrons wear a face mask to and from the gym.

Face masks are only to be removed when training has commenced on the mat, and immediately replaced when leaving the mat.


3.   Practise good hygiene

Hand sanitising stations are located at the doorway and are to be utilised on entry and exit to the building.

All training attire worn by patrons must be clean and washed in disinfectant prior to wearing to class.

Immediately after training all attire worn by patrons must be washing in disinfectant.

Immediately after every session the entire mat space of the gym will be chemically disinfected.

All training gear is to be used exclusively by the student who owns them, and are not to be shared, eg: boxing gloves etc.

4.   Keep records and act quickly if instructors or students become unwell

All students to check in digitally via email system prior to all classes.

All students will be further ‘checked in’ via google sheets.

All students must have valid up to date contact information on file with the gym (mobile numbers, emails, home addresses at a minimum).

This relevant information will be shared with government contact traces if a COVID event is found to have occurred.

5.   Avoid interactions in enclosed spaces

Where possible all students must come in their respective training attire to avoid congregating in the change rooms.

Toilets must be avoided where possible and only used by patrons if necessary.


East Side Jiu Jitsu is an inclusive, family friendly and community focused Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy offering a holistic approach to martial arts and self-defence. As a member of the Carlson Gracie Federation, East Side Jiu-Jitsu is proud to be continuing the legacy of Carlson Gracie in Australia.

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